Blogger Boo Staycation! part 2

Hi Dolls,


I’m back and it’s time to talk about part 2 of my NYC Staycation! After an amazing day with my boos: Nanthale, Marlena, Fabiola, Brooke and Marcy. I couldn’t wait to start day 2……not. I’ll be honest I’m not a morning person, but the promise of a delicious brunch was enough to make this zombie rise out of bed. So where is the best spot for brunch in NYC, the brunch capital? A place so magical it’s modeled after one of most iconic storybooks ever. None other than Alice’s Tea Cup. This place is amazing. Nestled in the heart of the city, you’ll be transported to the Mad Hatter’s tea party.


The Menu

I order the Scones Benedict my favorite brunch go to, while Marlena ordered the Jabberwocky for the table. What’s a Jabberwocky? Well it’s a mystical beast….oh you meant on the menu. Well, the ATC’s Jabberwocky is a 3 tier tea service tower filled with scones, sandwiches and pastries, serves with 3 pots of tea. All unlimited, so bring your stomach. By the way the have a huge selection of teas and it can be overwhelming. Luckily, the staff is very friendly and helpful. Confession I didn’t know what a scone was, but after trying the buttermilk scone; lets just say I wanted to open it up and lay in the middle while dream sweet warm dreams. All in all I highly recommend taking a trip down the rabbit hole with Alice’s Tea Cup.


I feel you Marlena, the Jabberwocky looks amazing!

Indian Chai tea for the win!


Now the rules of a Sunday NY brunch with blogger boos, requires that you must where your Slayday best. Of course we had to go with Eloquii, because who else is there?


Stopping traffic.


My boos are better than yours!

I’m wore a printed one shoulder dress with a side slit, perfect for a mad tea party or any party for that matter. I’ll admit I was very nervous about this dress, because the print is so bold. I’m a plus size woman, so I know the “rules” and they clearly state no bold prints. Luckily for us Eloquii could give two hoots about so called fashion rules, opting instead to dress plus bodies in patterns and bold for the gawds. This dress in your face, no hiding and that’s exactly what’s magical about it.



When you wear this dress bring your confidence because it’s a show stopper! More than anything it’s a very comfortable scuba material was great for running around the city. I styled it simply with a single bracelet and ankle strap heels from Forever 21 ( sold out but similar). I let the dress do the work.


Spa babes


After a rather satisfying meal we made our way to Premier 57 spa, a for some much needed pampering. This place is as close to heaven as you can humanly get. Let me break this down for you: 6 different sauna, a water lounge, hydrotherapy pods, aqua bar and a cafe bistro.

The aqua bar with hydrotherapy pods.

My favorite feature besides the hot tubes was the sauna valley, particularly the Gold sauna. You heard me, a gold sauna 10 karat in fact. It’s supposed to be good for you and have benefits, blah, blah, it’s GOLD! You had me at gold. 

Bathed in Gold

The robes were so comfy.


I’ve never been to a spa before so I wasn’t sure what to wear honestly, so I opted for this amazing Mastermind Kaleidoscope underwire swimsuit from Swimsuits For All. This was a bold move for me as I was nervous about the cut outs, but I was really comfortable in it and the underwire kept things firmly in place.


Take notice of the watch on my hand, that is your access pass to all things in the spa. You can turn on the jets and even order a drink with it (you’ll be billed later).


Blogger boos in enjoying the hydrotherapy pods.


Did I mention they had a bar?


This was the perfect way to end the day, I almost cried when it was time to leave. I’ve told myself I will be back at least once a month, because I deserve this! Premier 57 has not seen the last of me. 

So what did I learn? Staycations are fun, scones are delicious, fashion rules should be broken, pamper yourself with gold and always cherish your friends. That’s all for now dolls, bye!

When you see the sandwich you want.

But seriously, try the buttermilk scones!




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